Take a virtual tour of the historic Bagg’s Square district in Utica, NY.

We’ve created 3 unique experiences that allow you to be immersed in the stories of how Utica began using an Interactive Google Earth view, Podcast, or Google ¬†StreetView.

The Tour
About the Project

Utica Detour was created on top of the now-defunct Detour platform, a GPS enabled walking tour. We worked extensively with local historians and citizens to collect stories of some of the major landmarks of Bagg’s Square- where the city of Utica began, and what has now become a center or revitalization.

After the original app was discontinued, we worked to try to find new ways of sharing the story of Bagg’s Square and to present history in a new way. This site is the culmination and in many ways a remix of the original project.

We hope you’ll explore the history of Bagg’s Square using all three versions of our tour. When you’re finished, please drop us a line with comments or maybe your own stories of Bagg’s Square.

Our hope is that the Utica Detour project expands into future topics and features in the future. Thanks for your support.

Created By

Ryan Miller

Rust Belt Startup

Matt Wagner

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Geoff Storm